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Damascus Cleaver

Regular price   $159.95 Sale price   $127.96 Save 20%

✅ Perfectly Balanced
✅ 67 layers of stainless Damascus
✅ Rust Resistant
✅ Extremely Sharp
✅ Ultimate Hybrid Cleaver
✅ Lifetime Warranty

"Oh my gosh!! What can I say about this knife? I have been salivating over this knife for years. I literally have not used another knife since purchasing this one!!"


Verified buyer

If you thought the original MWTP cleaver was badass, then this should get you excited. We have stepped up a notch forging the iconic MWTP cleaver from 67 layers of stainless Damascus with an AUS-10 core. The results speak for themselves, The MWTP Damascus cleaver is a work of art. 

sheath is sold and available as separate item


We have partnered up with The Cooking Guild to bring our followers the ultimate hybrid outdoor/indoor cooking knives.

Try our knives risk-free with our 30-day, no-questions-asked returns policy.

All of our knives come with a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects.

- Blade material: 67 layers of stainless Damascus with an AUS-10 core
- Hardness: 59-61 HRC
- Finished blade thickness: 2.2-2.3mm thick
- Blade length: 19cm
- Blade width: 74mm
- Handle length: 10.7cm
- Handle material: Brazilian Rosewood 
- Full tang

Damascus Cleaver

Damascus Cleaver

Regular price   $159.95 Sale price   $127.96

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great cleaver!

Purchased this as a Christmas gift. After come issues with the delivery (fault of the carrier) it finally arrived just in time to make it under the tree. It is beautiful and so sharp. Cuts and chops like a dream! My husband was very happy and excited to use it, and now uses it daily.

However, despite being careful and caring for it way better than all our other things, at just over 3 weeks of use it is starting to rust where it’s engraved and showing signs of dulling/scratches on the cleaver. Which is disappointing considering the cost. Still cuts well at least but it’s not looking at nice as it did right out the box.

Quinn Logsdon

Absolutely amazing! My brother and I go to for just about everything! After a year of abuse, time for a quick sharpening!!! Thanks guys slainte bah🤙👍🤙👍



My favorite knife ever.

This knife is so sharp, and so fun to use - with the very tall part of the blade I feel extremely safe letting it glide against my knuckle. I have a whole new love for chopping and prepping veggies and other items. It's also very cool looking - my friends often ask me about it "Do you really use that?" I always tell them that it has become my absolute go-to every time. I had to learn how to sharpen it, but that was pretty easy to learn. I am keeping it sharp and clean and it just kicks so much booty. I love it. One small thing: The handle came to me kind of dry and rough. I gave it a little bit of a light sanding and then added some oil to it - now it's perfect. But I will not take any stars away for that because it was SUPER easy to do and I am not complaining as I like little projects like that.

Florent Bellamy-Brown

Il est juste magnifique, la seule déception c'est que je pensais qu'il y aurait un etui avec ! Du coup, je vais devoir en faire faire un, en France.

Absolutely! It's wonderful to hear that you're enjoying your Cleaver. While I understand your initial expectation for a case, I'm delighted to let you know that we offer Cleaver Sheaths separately. They're designed to complement your Cleaver perfectly and ensure it stays protected.

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